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        • An app that organizes research

          Plugs into researchers' workflow

          • Multiple annotation tools (including voice notes) for web pages and pdfs
          • Limitless edits and additions to saved research for continuous improvement
          • Automatically generates bibliographies and research summaries
          Workflow diagram

          Enhances the process of research

          • Contextual saving and automatic organization allows fearless exploration
          • Quantifies the iterative process of exploratory research
          • Generates multiple views to gain key insights into the thought process
          < figure class="ir">Research diagram

          Encourages pedagogy

          • Allows synthesis and integration of knowledge in a more visual way
          • No need for plagiarism detectors - all the work is automatically attributed
          • Changes Student-teacher dynamic from suspicion to that of collaboration
          Pedagogy diagram

          Spurs collaboration

          • Collaboration with individuals and groups
          • Wiki-like model of enhancing the research
          • Contextual-search of public or shared private research for shared learning
          Collaboration diagram

          How Surfmark works

          Annotate and Save

          Annotate webpages,
          including PDFs...

          ... and save exact copies of pages
          to your research library

          Organize and Collaborate

          Share and collaborate
          with individuals or groups

          Organize research as
          books and mind maps

          More features

          Getting started

          1. Get the web or iPad app
          2. Create an account You can complete step 2 before step 1
          3. Use the app for your research Save a webpage, then annotate and share if you prefer
          Easy to use application for researching and archiving web content


          Available for free in the App Store
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